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Welcome to Carmen-Shea!

This is the website for Carmen-Shea Hepburn: writer & traveller.

Here you’ll find information on my current writing projects, novel release information, as well as news relating to my ongoing backpacking adventures!


Debut Novel Out Now!

You can now purchase Amanzimtoti: The Ridge worldwide in both ebook and paperback formats from these major retailers!

Set in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, The Ridge follows Wayne du Preez as he starts his matric. Completing his final year of high school won’t be his only problem however when a boy from his childhood makes a surprise reappearance in small town Toti, throwing Wayne’s picket-fence dreams with girlfriend Jess into a tailspin and forcing him to deal with a part of himself he’s been denying ever since he shared his first kiss with Kyle way back when.

Wayne has always been haunted by his past with Kyle Van Well, and what starts off as just another year at Toti High soon becomes an unwanted game of cat and mouse with a boy who refuses to stay a memory. As Kyle slowly begins to integrate himself into Wayne’s life, striking up friendships with those closest to him, the truth between them threatens to come out and destroy everything Wayne’s worked so hard to achieve.

Despite his best efforts, Wayne is soon left with the terrifying realisation that some secrets just can’t be kept.


Interested? visit The Amanzimtoti Series page for more information, how to go about getting your free copy & other exciting extras!




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