I know I say it in the post itself, but this honestly was one of the most rewarding and terrifying moments of my life!

The librarian at Kingsway High School reached out to me after having read my debut novel ‘The Ridge‘, letting me know if I were ever back in Amanzimtoti, she’d love to have me visit the school. And, well… it seems the stars were ready to align as my dad and I had already planned to make a trip back home in November of 2016.

Although I write about ‘Toti High‘ in the book itself, had I continued my education in South Africa, my parents had every intention of sending me to Kingsway High. It just felt so right to be standing there, talking to all these learners about my novel and its themes, and having them not only relate to the content, but responding with such enthusiasm and excitement too.

I really hope I managed to inspire a few of them to keep perusing their writing dreams!

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