My Amanzimtoti Series of novels are set in Amanzimtoti, South Africa; a small coastal town to the south of Durban. Locally, it is simply referred to it as ‘Toti‘.
Due to the setting, you may find that there are words or phrases you are unfamiliar with. To help with this, I have created the glossary of slang to explain exactly what some of those weird words actually mean!

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Ag –
Afrikaans ‘oh’, also used as an expression of aggravation – Pronounced ‘ach’.
Amanzimtoti – Pronounced ‘A-MAN-ZIM-TOTI’. From the isiZulu ‘amanzi mtoti’ meaning ‘sweet waters’

Bakkie –
a utility/pick-up
Bluebottles  – or Indo-Pacific Portuguese Man-of-War. They have a translucent ‘bubble’ attached to long tentacle or ‘sting’. They’re a bright blue in colour, usually wash up onto shore during high-tide and will release a nasty sting if touched.
Boerewors – a type of sausage, traditionally curled into a large spiral and cooked on a braai.
Boet – Afrikaans ‘brother’, used to refer to male friends (equivalent of ‘dude’)
Bokkie – ‘little buck‘, a baby Springbok. Often used as a term of endearment.

Bru/Bra – same usage/meaning as boet.
Braai – a barbecue, a real one: with wood and charcoal and everything! 
Bunny Chow – curry served in a hollowed-out half loaf of bread.

Grape Chappie

Chappie –
a popular brand of chewing gum
Cooldrink –
 Used to refer to any kind of soda/fizzy drink.

Cotch – vomit/sick.
Crème soda – a cooldrink (which tastes nothing like the American version! Ours is actually good. Also it’s green.)

Dagga –

Dankie – Afrikaans ‘thanks’.
Deurmekaar – Afrikaans ‘emotional/confused/moody‘. Used when you’re fed up with someone’s behaviour. Pronounced ‘dee-orr-mah-car‘.

Eina –
Ouch, when something hurts. Pronounced ‘ay-nar’.

Eish – Exclamation of surprise or frustration.

Fok/Fok Jou –
Afrikaans ‘fuck’ / ‘fuck you’.

Gatvol –
Fed up/had enough, ie: I’ve had a gatvol of this! – I’ve had enough of this!

– A smack/beating
Howzit – Hey/Hello, derived from the phrase ‘how’s it going’, but not generally used to actually ask how someone is.

Inyoni –
isiZulu ‘bird‘.
Izit –
Really/is that so, derived from the phrase ‘Is it’.

Ja –
Afrikaans ‘yes’, yeah.
Ja nee – Afrikaans ‘yes no’. Equivalent to ‘yeah right’

Jissis – Afrikaans ‘Jesus’ – Blasphemous. Used as an exclamation of surprise.

Kak –
shit/crap. Pronounced ‘kuk’.

Kiff – cool/awesome.
Klap – Afrikaans ‘smack’, to hit. Pronounced ‘klup’.
Koki – a felt tip pen. Pronounced ‘ko-key’.
Kuswag – the name of an Afrikaans speaking school. Pronounced ‘kiss-vach’, with the ‘ach’ part pronounced the same way as ‘ag’ listed above.

Lekker –
 Afrikaans ‘tasty’. Also used in reference to something that is cool/awesome.

– a man or boy who is indecisive and lacks courage. A coward.
Moffie –
Derogatory word for a male homosexual, similar to fairy/faggot.
Moer – to severely beat up.
Muti – Zulu ‘medicine’. Pronounced ‘moo-tea’.

Now now –
or just now, can mean anything from right now to two weeks from now!

Nunu – Zulu ‘insect’, bug. Can also be used as a term of affection.

Oke –
word for a male you don’t know. Pronounced ‘oak’.

Sies – 
used as expression
of disgust or annoyance. Pronounced ‘sis’.
Slops – flip flops.
Stompie – a cigarette butt. The phrase ‘picking up stompies’, generally refers to an eavesdropper.

Tekkies –

Trilkop – Afrikaans ‘dickhead’.
Tune – to mouth off at someone, to give them lip.

Voetsek –
 Afrikaans ‘go away’, Derogatory, implied ‘fuck off’. Pronounced ‘foot-sack’.

Vrot – Afrikaans ‘rotten’, bad. Pronounced ‘frot’.

Yoh –
 An expression of surprise.

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