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And my stats are going down, down, down! Sinking like that inevitable Titanic I mentioned in my Week Two update. It’s a little disheartening to see, especially with the launch of the updated cover image (I didn’t believe it would hurt my campaign, but I really did hope it might pump a bit more life back into things!)

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There weren’t really any major spikes this week, though I do have to admit I didn’t promote as much this week as I could have. This was for two reasons, the first one being that I don’t want to keep spamming the sites I’m using until people get fed up and choose to avoid my story on principle, and the second is because got tired of promoting it.

You don’t realise just how exhausting running a campaign like this can be. I honestly thought when I decided to launch that I’d just sit back, do a wee bit of promo here and there, but ultimately just leave it to its own devices and see what happened.

The second my campaign launched however I was clicking the page every day, every second of the day, refreshing my stats, refreshing the H&T lists, thinking ‘what else can I do?’ whenever I wasn’t online doing stuff to promote the book.

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Plus, with my mind so focused on the campaign I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to make any headway on the second book in the series. I’ve become inert. Stagnant. And even though my stats this week reflect my lack of promo, I can’t find it in myself to fret too much about it. That said, this next week- my last week- I’ll be pulling out all the stops!

So, I would like to apologise in advance if all you see and hear about this next week is in regards to my campaign! But I’m sure you won’t hold it against me too much, it is- afterall- only because I’m excited about my story and being able to finally share it with the world!

If you haven’t already voted for my novel, please do so- even if you haven’t any intention of reading it, I’d still very much appreciate the support! Also, if you have the time, please consider helping me by promoting my campaign page- either by word of mouth or by sharing my posts or facebook promos with your online contacts and groups.

Thank you all so very much!
– Carmen-Shea

[ don’t forget to vote for “Amanzimtoti” on Kindle Scout now! ]

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