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My name is Carmen-Shea, and I’ll be your tour guide through Middle Earth today!

I came to New Zealand in April 2014 because I was a huge Lord of the Rings fan and wanted to explore ‘Middle Earth‘ as envisioned by Peter Jackson through his trilogy of movies.

Four months into my adventures and I managed to score a summer job as a tour guide with Wellington Rover, taking fans around Wellington- the very middle of Middle Earth!

When interviewing for the job I tried to tell myself to be as professional as possible- it was an interview afterall! But when my future boss started asking me about Lord of the Rings, and how big a fan I actually was? Well, out went all my good intentions as I completely geeked out about the books and the movies!

Thank goodness they were looking for actual fans because I was pretty much given the job on the spot!


It’s now 2016 and this is my second- and last- summer doing the Lord of the Rings tours around Wellington. It’s great fun getting to met like-minded fans and trying to convert the ones who’ve never seen/read LotR (yes, we do get some of those on our tours too)!

I only started this site January 2016, so I’ve still got a long ways to go in getting everything set up, but here’s a wee sneaky peek at some of the Middle Earth related posts I definitely have planned for you all:

North Island Locations:
– Visiting the Shire – Hobbiton Day Trip & Evening Feast
– Visiting Mordor – Tongariro Crossing and Mt Doom 

Wellington as Middle Earth:
The Rivendell Archway Opening
wanderlust (2)

– Mt Victoria and the Outer Shire
– Visiting Rivendell
– Outer Wellington Locations (such as Helms Deep, Minis Tirith, the River Anduin, the Gardens of Isenguard, Lothlorien, The Paths of the Dead, etc)
– Shooting the Wellington Rover Promo videos
– The Middle Earth Costume Trail
– The Embassy Theatre

Miramar, Wellington Locations:
Visiting “Weta” Airport
middle earth weta

– Weta Cave and Workshop Tour
– The Roxy Cinema – Attending the Wellington Premier of The Hobbit and the Battle of Five Armies
– The Roxy Cinema – The End of All Things Movie Marathon (24-25th March 2016!)

– Stone Street Studios & Park Road Post Production

South Island Locations:
– Visiting the Pelorus River – Scene of the Barrel Riding scenes from The Hobbit
– Southern Lakes Sightseeing Tour (Ithilien Camp, Gladden Fields, The Argonath, The Misty Mountains, Death of Isilduir, etc)


Phew! So much for a wee sneaky peek. That’s about two years worth of Middle Earth adventuring I need to get through, looks like I’d better get writing!

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Until we meet again…

Na lû e-govaned vîn!

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