We’ve just hit May 1st here in Australia and since I’m currently jobless and have the next 25 days free of any obligations, I’ve decided to use this month as a sort of ‘NaNoWriMo*’ to spearhead the writing of the sequel to my debut novel Amanzimtoti: The Ridge!

[*NaNoWriMo, for anyone unaware, stands for National Novel Writing Month, and usually takes place in the November of each year. The basic concept is to get participants to write 50,000words over the course of 31days, leaving you no time to overthink or edit your story. It’s about quantity over quality, but ultimately it’s to make you write. The editing, etc comes afterwards.]

Now I’m not making any 50,000word promises here, but I am hoping to at least get the main bulk of the novel written over the course of the month, which will leave me guilt-free about not being able to write much (if anything!) when I start roadtripping around the Australian outback from the end of May to the end of June!

Afterwhich, I’ll be able to commence re-writes, edits, et all, and the novel will be that much closer to getting into your grubby wee paws!

I know, I know… you can barely contain your excitement! (;

I’ll be posting a daily word count status update via my [ twitter account ] for anyone who wants to keep up to date with my progress! And feel free to pester the hell out of me if you’re so inclined, I always write better when there’s someone cracking the whip at me.

Whilst I’m working away on the sequel to Amanzimtoti: The Ridge, I’ve put up a little something for you all to enjoy:

Toti Series - Maps & POI

Finding Toti is a map of Amanzimtoti, South Africa, with Points of Interest from the first book marked.

And if you click to view a particular point on the map you’ll be given the option to view it on Google Maps where you can go into street mode, and actually find yourself walking along the streets of Toti! Maybe check out the beach where Wayne and the Twins like to hang out and surf, or take a visit to Ridge Road and the old churchyard where Wayne and Kyle shared their first kiss when they were kids…

Don’t say I’m not good to you! (;

Covers - Toti (10)Amanzimtoti: The Ridge is currently available worldwide through Amazon Kindle!

[amazon template=add to cart&asin=B01CBBGS1U]

Alternatively, free copies can be requested in exchange for honest reviews left on Amazon and/or Goodreads! More information on this option can be found [here].

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo In May”

  1. Hi I’m really waiting for the next book in this series. I hope I get to know when it’s out. I need to know how it ends. Fighting!!!!!!

    1. Hey Milaya,

      Thanks for getting in touch! 😀 I’m glad you’re excited for the next book- I promise I’m working away on it between my backpacking adventures! I’m averaging around 1000words a day in May so far, and getting a huge chunk of the “Third Term” written as a result.

      It’s good you’ve signed up for my mailing list, I’ll have some exciting book two opportunities coming up within the next few months, so I’ll keep you posted!


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