Amanzimtoti [2]: Inyoni Rocks
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Series: Amanzimtoti, Book 2
Genres: Coming of Age, LGBT+, Young Adult
ISBN: 9780995621725
After a bleak winter break alternately spent between the snowy mountaintops of the Drakensberg and a self-imposed exile upon his return to Amanzimtoti, Wayne du Preez finds himself commencing his third term at Toti High with something akin to dread as the tangled web of secrets and lies he’s been spinning since the start of matric steadily begin to unravel. With Kyle still circling him, and Jessica demanding answers, it’s finally left to Travis to offer his best friend an ultimatum that will set the course for the rest of the school year, and indeed, the rest of their lives: “You tell her. Everything. You tell her now, or I will.”
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