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A contemporary romance set amongst the thistle and heather strewn hills of the Scottish Highlands, can reformed bad boy Tommy Rayne convince old-flame Louden MacCraigh to give him another chance?

As part of my self-imposed "Na-No-Wri-May" I'm hoping to complete the rough draft for this novel by the end of the month. Title and cover image are both works in progress and subject to change. Full summary below.

About the Book

Louden first met fire-starter Thomas Rayne at seventeen, after Tommy was sentenced to community service at a remote rangers station deep in the Trossachs National Park. A ‘Ned’ through-and-through, despite a summer of intimate firsts, Louden is adamant he didn’t have time for Tommy then, and he certainly doesn’t have time for the man he’s become almost ten years later.

When Tommy returns to the quaint village of Glenallan, it’s for more than the breathtaking beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Having led a troubled life, he’s never forgotten the boy who once saw through all his bravado and posturing, and gave him something so precious he’s spent the last decade working hard to become the man worthy of Louden MacCraigh’s heart.

Convincing Louden won’t be easy, however, not when Tommy left him broken-hearted and outed to his entire community all those years ago. But like the fires he’s accused of starting, Tommy knows that even the smallest smolder can grow into an unquenchable flame, and amongst the thistle and heather strewn hills, Tommy’s ready to turn that flame into another wildfire.

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