Wondering where Wayne lives? What the beach actually looks like? How far away they all are from Toti High? Then check out this handy map I created to answer just these sorts of questions!

The map is set to satellite mode to give you a more realistic birds-eye view of the town itself, but if you’d like to get an even more intimate experience- simply click on a location and then choose to ‘view this location on Google Maps’, from which you’ll be able to view Toti in street mode!

Now you really can feel like you’re one of the locals! Lekker, hey?

2016-01-28 22.16.35
Click the map to visit some points of interest from the Amanzimtoti series

Points of Interest:

  • Amanzimtoti High School
  • Amanzimtoti Library
  • Clear Waters Spur / Surf Club entrance to Toti Beach
  • Fun Land Arcades
  • Inyoni Rocks
  • Ollies Bar & Grill
  • Ridge Road
  • Nyala Place

This map will be updated as the series progresses.
If, however, you think I’ve missed a place, or you’d like a particular spot marked on the map, please don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know!

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