Where in the world is Carmen-SandiagoShea?!

2016, January-March: Wellington, New Zealand
2016, March 25th-28th: Sydney, Australia
2016, March 28th-April 7th: Canberra, Australia
2016, April 27th-May 24th: Cairns, Australia
2016, May 25th-July 4th: Northern Territory, Australia
2016, October 30th-November: Amanzimtoti, South Africa
2016, July 5th-Present: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

2017: At present I have no confirmed travel plans for 2017, and hope to instead work on my writing and updating my blog with posts from the past two and a half years of travelling I’ve already achieved.


Weta Airport

Welcome to "Weta" Airport, Wellington, New Zealand the very middle of Middle Earth! Wellington Airport has to be one of ...
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Hello Australia

It's been around five weeks since I left New Zealand, since I left my home and my 'family' in Wellington, and crossed ...
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Goodbye Wellington

March has been one helluva crazy month for me! Not only did I successfully publish my debut novel, but I ...
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Wild Wellington Full Day Tour – Part One

As my time in New Zealand is quickly drawing to a close and I'm beginning to realise that there's still so ...
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I used to be a backpacker… honest!

I left the UK in April 2014, to commence what I though would only be a year spent backpacking around New ...
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Rivendell Archway Opening

"It's a big house this, and very peculiar. Always a bit more to discover, and no knowing what you'll find ...
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Cicadas; or, the horror movie chorus

This summer has seen the emergence of the cicadas here in Wellington, New Zealand. In particular the Amphipsalta Zelandica, which ...
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North Island

I started this travel blog January 2016, but have been travelling around New Zealand since April 2014! As you can imagine ...
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Middle Earth

Gi nathlam hí! My name is Carmen-Shea, and I'll be your tour guide through Middle Earth today! I came to New ...
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