Welcome to “Weta” Airport, Wellington, New Zealand
the very middle of Middle Earth!

Wellington Airport has to be one of my favourite places to fly to and from, for the simple fact that it has so many Lord of the Rings related sculptures that is has affectionately become known as “Weta” airport!

Thanks to the Weta Company– who are responsible for all the props, prosthetics and visual effects you can see in both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies– the airport is basically another extension of the Weta Cave and Exhibition spaces, and definitely a stop on any LotR fans “To Do” list when visiting New Zealand!

Here are some of the exiting pieces you can find whilst visiting the airport (and don’t worry, you don’t have to be flying to find them!)



Gandalf & the Eagles…

Flying out over the Departures gate, Gandalf the Grey can be seen riding upon the back of the eagle Gwaihir; the top of his staff alight as he keeps an eye on those seeking safe passage from Middle Earth…

Smaug the Terrible…


Pretty neat, huh? (; And with the airport only being a twenty minute walk from central Miramar, it’s well worth the visit if you’re already checking out some of the other great Lord of the Rings locations here on the peninsular!

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