You know you’re an author when…

…you need to start practicing an “Author Signature” because people are buying your book and suddenly asking you for your autograph!


As always, I’m truly blown away by the support and excitement you guys have showered me with since the launch of my debut novel and I really cannot thank you enough <33

You can purchase your own paperback copies from [ the sellers listed here ], alternatively I’ll be setting up a way for readers to buy ~signed copies directly from me over the course of the month, additionally, there’ll be a few reader giveaways coming up to reward those of you who’ve left reviews of my book on Amazon (& Goodreads), but more on that later*!!

My love to you, always,


*though, if you’ve read the book but are yet to leave a review, now might be a great time to think about putting one up! ::hint-hint-nudge-nudge::

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